Tuesday 14 January 2014

Pregnancy update: 32 weeks + 5 days

Can't believe how quickly this pregnancy is going, I'm 32 weeks + 5 days already ? I love being pregnant, I'm actually going to miss my bump. I could literally watch this little lady kicking me all day long and I think it's the most amazing feeling ever, I feel very lucky. 

How long left until my due date: 7 weeks + 2 days 

How much weight have I put on so far: Well I won't lie I haven't weighed myself in a few weeks but a few weeks ago I had put on 1stone 8lbs from the start of my pregnancy - I have a feeling this time I might put on less, a lot less, than I did when pregnant with Oliver... 5 stone!! My belly measures 1 week less than I am, so to all those people telling me I'm bigger than I 'should' be, actually I'm not - thank you.

Cravings: I haven't had any continuous cravings in this pregnancy but at the moment I do really like chocolate croissants, however I always like these. I am drinking lots of milk because it really helps with the heartburn I've been getting - no, no don't even say it... "heartburn means the baby will have lots of hair" - not true! I had heartburn last time, & Oliver's hair? well he was bald for years. 

How am I feeling: I love being pregnant, even with the heartburn! Starting to feel tired again now and getting some aches and pains in my lower belly as well as one spot near my belly button, it hurts as if it's actually bruised but she does kick me a lot! I miss not having to struggle to get up from laying down position. Swollen feet are no where near as bad as first pregnancy and my blood pressure is so much better. Hopefully it will remain like that. 

Stretch marks: Well I already have the London underground map in stretch marks from my first pregnancy but still it's important to keep using stretch mark cream or oil and I am still loving the Champneys Blissful Bump range.  

What I am unsure of: Why I keep hearing a clicking sound from my belly when baby girl kicks? Does anyone know what this could be, if you do or if you had it too tweet me @mummymemories 

What I'm wearing: Well 'fashion' is not really my thing but feeling good and being comfortable is, I'm not too fussed about 'current trends' I'm much more interested in being comfortable and feeling good. Some people can suffer for fashion, I am no longer one of those people. I have maternity under the bump jeans - they are an absolute no no now and to be honest with you I wish I had only brought over the bump jeans because they are so much more comfortable - I only have one pair of them though! Also maternity leggings are my new best friend. Nothing tight on my bump or I will just turn into the biggest 'grumpalo' in the world. I do have a few bits of maternity items I love and I will be sharing with you soon. 

Week ahead's plans: Look into my Birth plan and shop for presents for Oliver from his baby sister - she's going to give them to him at hospital. Also shop online for a new coat for Oliver, has anyone seen any cute ones? tweet me @mummymemories & I need to have a massive clear out and finally I must remember that I still haven't collected an order I made to collect in store! Oops. Baby brain, early? Sort out my #BabyShowerBlog & review a few more items. 

Mary-Kate x 

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