Friday 31 January 2014

Breaking the silence

Hello! Well it's been a while since I've done a blog post - I haven't disappeared, I'm still here! But we have been very busy and oh my goodness how stressful is moving? Especially at 34-35 weeks pregnant! 

So, we have a new home and we love it. Oliver has a big bedroom which he loves, he can see hills, a church, a windmill and trains out of his window. Baby girl has a lovely little room too which last night we set up... 

Our bedroom is lovely and even with our bed in it, it still looks big! There's a built in wardrobe but I think we (ok ok I) might need some more space. We don't have our sofa yet as it's been ordered from DFS and takes 6 weeks delivery so currently I am sitting on an ikea poang chair - comfortable for the normal person maybe but heavily pregnant? Well lets just say it's a struggle to get back up! 

There's been lots keeping us busy here, on the first day we found that the garage was actually leaking and therefore not usable! Then a spot light in the dining room fell out, clip to hold it in - nowhere to be seen? Oh but it doesnt stop there Michael then nearly got killed knocked out, by a heavy glass light fitting that fell down onto him at the top of the stairs of all places! it just ripped straight off of the ceiling, it has since been fixed and the guy confirmed that it wasn't put up correctly! Great. I asked him to check the one downstairs thats the same... thank goodness it wasn't little Oliver walking underneath the light!

So after that, we had to set up the brand new dyson (brilliant by the way) at just gone 11pm, Michael was incredibly tired so after we had hoovered up the glass he got into bed, I decided to have a shower though as I knew the next day I needed to leave the house very early. 

It's safe to say "Keep calm and drink tea"

I got into the shower... which is an over the bath shower with a glass door... I turn it on and then BAM! - Mary-Kate screams "Michaelllllllll" as the glass shower door fell onto me! So lucky that I didn't slip. We are still waiting for the landlord to get the shower door fixed - a week on.

Then guess what? Well the heating doesnt work! The radiators downstairs dont get hot or warm at all and the upstairs radiators heat up but they have to be bled everytime you want heat?! We have had a workman in to 'fix' it but so far, not fixed. Good luck us if it gets very cold? 

Then this is the last thing so far to tell you about - touch wood that nothing else happens as I really don't think I could handle anything else right now and I know that Michael definitely cannot. 

Sunday morning, Michael was having a lovely lie in until he heard me, screaming his name, AND screaming AHHHHHH. So basically, standing in the kitchen trying to get the washer/dryer to actually dry the clothes - oh it takes 4 hours to dry the clothes!, I noticed something moving in the corner of my eye, I originally screamed thinking it was a spider. It wasnt, that would of been ok! It was however, yep you guess it... a Mouse! So Michael came running downstairs thinking I was in labour as I screamed so much, to find a little tiny mouse, he was trying to catch it for a while before it disappeared under the fridge freezer. "I didn't know they could jump" he said....ofcourse they can, *sings hickery dickery dock*. Michaels parents came round to help us and they set a trap.

The next day, Michael came down to check the trap, he called upstairs... "do you want the good news or the bad news?" ... "the good"... "well we caught Mr Mouse".... "But Mr Mouse, he had a friend!". Ahhh. 

I've got lots to tell you about, including gorgeous maternity/breastfeeding outfits and my 35 week pregnancy update! I just need a chance to sit on my bum and actually be able to write a blog post, we still haven't finished moving out stuff in but we don't seem to have had enough time to even sit down together yet.


Mary-Kate, x


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