Friday 6 December 2013

#BabyShowerBlog - Milestone Baby Cards & WIN!

Milestone Baby Cards

Have you ever taken a photo of your little one and then a few months later looking back thinking, when was that? Well I've done that a lot! I was forever writing on the back of photographs so when I first saw these cute cards I instantly fell in love with them! They are such a cute idea... A packet of 30 cards that help capture the development milestones of baby's first year - the idea is that you fill in the details on the card and then place it next to your little one to be in a photograph with them therefore you will remember the important milestones and the dates that they happened! Fantastic idea, what do you think?

Milestone Baby Cards - The story; 
The idea came from Dutch mom Gemma Broekhuis who wanted to capture the first time her son Mikkel rolled over. She wrote a card with the milestone and the date, and took a picture of her son with it. She did the same when he first slept through the night, crawled, ate his first solid food, etc. Realizing how quickly you forget all those milestone moments and what a treasure the pictures she took with the cards were, she decided to make them into a product: the Milestone Baby Cards.
Now they're sold in over 15 countries!

So here is a little look inside my box of Milestone Baby Cards...

How to use your milestone cards

Pink for Baby Girl & Blue for Baby Boy ! 

Today I... 

Lovely to remember ages! 

I'm planning to take my first card into hospital with me so it can be in one of her first photos just because I think they are adorable.

I was given a packet of these cards for myself as part of a launch of a different company that I attended and when I started to organize the #BabyShowerBlog I thought that these would be an amazing Baby Shower Gift so I asked Baby Milestone cards if they would help me by doing a giveaway and look what they sent me... 

YES that's right, not one pack... but two packets to give away! So in this competition there will be two winners! One pack of cards per winner. 

*** Please note giveaway is only open to the UK ***

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck! 

Please RT competition on twitter & facebook! 

Mary-Kate, x 


  1. Oh wow they're lovely :) I've bought the stickers for baby grows that have milestones on them. But these little cards are a great idea. Fingers crossed xx

  2. These are lovely ideas! I have a notes page on my phone with dates of what happened when and am also sick of writing dates on the back of photos! Absolutely fab idea! x


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