Wednesday 4 December 2013

Oliver's Review - Kiddylicious snacks

Kiddylicious Snacks

Kiddylicious offered me, well Oliver some samples of their snacks. He had already tried some and he loves them, so I didn't waste any time in saying a massive yes please! And I'm very glad I did, I wouldn't have brought some of the flavors thinking he wouldn't like them but he's actually loved them all, even the vegetable crisps! 

So the box arrived and a very excited Oliver opened it - YUM! Oliver you can't eat them all in one go. "ohh" 

Oliver loves sweets. He has a very sweet tooth.. wonder where he gets that? oh yeah, ME! So I love finding tasty alternatives for him and these are brilliant - he actually believes they are sweets, however they are 1 of his recommended 5-a-day! Sneaky healthy snack.. do you trick your children like this too or am I alone? Don't get me wrong he gets sweets but if I can limit them then I will. 

Firstly there are the lovely fruit wriggles - we usually buy these on offer 4 for £2 at our local big Tesco and Oliver takes them in his packed lunch. He loves the apple ones. They're made from ripe fruit that's cooked and pureed and whizzed to form these wonderful fruit wriggles that are great for little fingers. 
They come in three flavors; apple, strawberry and tropical. 

What's inside the bag? Good question.. 
Well in the Strawberry Fruit Wriggles there is Apple (concentrated apple juice, apple puree) (91%), Strawberry puree (6%), Citrus fibre - to stop them sticking together, Pectin - gelling agent found in fruit to help hold their wriggly shape and Concentrated elderberry juice. They contain naturally occurring sugars.  

Bag does not contain: Added colours, flavours or preservatives. Added sugar or salt. Milk or lactose. Nuts & seeds. Wheat & gluten. 

Then there is the Smoothie Melts which are available in 3 lovely flavours; Banana, mango & passion fruit, Strawberry & Banana and Blackcurrant & apple. We hadn't tried these before and Oliver absolutely loved them! Again they are 1 of 5-a-day. 

What's inside the bag?
Well in the Strawberry & Banana packet there is 100% fruit, strawberry and naturally occurring sugars. 

Bag does not contain: Added colours, flavours or preservatives. Added sugar or salt. Milk or lactose. Nuts & seeds. Wheat & gluten

Finally there is Fruit crisps and Vegetable crisps which were a big hit with Oliver. I didn't expect him to like the sweet potatoe or the carrot ones but he loved them. Brilliant way to get children tasting different flavours. 
Available in; Banana, apple, pineapple, sweet potatoe and carrot. 

Made using the finest fruit and vegetables they're sliced and crisp in a special way to make them extra tasty. The fruit ones are perfect for home baking, snacks and lunch boxes. The vegetable ones make a lovely snack or a treat in the packed lunch.

What's in them? Well inside the Banana pack there is equivalent to one very large banana. Banana slices (78%) Vegetable oil. 

Bag does not contain: Added colours, flavours or preservatives. Added sugar or salt. Milk or lactose. Nuts & seeds. Wheat & gluten

What Oliver says; 

"Kiddylicious. Everyone loves Kiddylicioussss"

"I'm off Carrots now but I like carrot crisps" - true, currently refusing to eat carrots!


Oliver loves taking his packet of 'sweets' in his packed lunch and I will admit, I've tried them too.. actually I think they're tasty! Oliver couldn't wait to taste some and he actually took them a packet with him for the train journey to the mothercare event! 

Where can you buy them?...
  • Amazon
  • Asda
  • Tesco
  • Boots
  • Morrisons 
  • Sainsburys
  • Ocado
  • Waitrose 
Has your little one tried Kiddylicious snacks? What did they think and if you tasted them what did you think? 

If you haven't we recommend you do! Sneaky 1 of 5-a-day = happy mummy. Packet of 'sweets' or 'crisps' = happy little one. 

Mary-Kate & Oliver, x 

*I wrote this review after kiddylicious sending me the snacks and we love them so much we had to share what we thought!* 

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