Monday 30 December 2013

30weeks already! Pregnancy update.

I'm 30 weeks pregnant already, it feels like it's going really fast which is a little scary! I know I've done the whole labour thing before and it was OK but I'm still worrying already. 

It feels like yesterday I was standing having this photo taken and actually it was 6 weeks ago!

As it's been Christmas time we have all been very busy but as well as this I had my 28 week midwife appointment, everyone has told me that I am 'so much bigger' than what I 'should' be but actually my midwife measured me 1 cm less than I am meant to be at that stage - she said that it's fine to be a little bit either way and it's nothing to worry about. I'm sure my bump has caught back up now anyway as I'm already starting to waddle. 

I also had my bloods taken and she listened to baby's heartbeat which is always nice - I'm looking forward to my next appointment as Michael is coming with me and he will get to hear baby's heartbeat again... his face always lights up when he hears her. She's a little bit stubborn (don't know where she gets that!), doesn't stop moving (ok really don't know where she gets that!) and the midwife always takes a few minutes to find her heartbeat so when she does its a relief! 

I am O rh negative blood group which means I have to have Anti-D injection to prevent me from making anti-bodies against baby's blood. If I was to need blood for any reason I could only have my blood type but everyone else can be given mine - I really should give blood! When I had Oliver I had 3 Anti-D injections, one at 28 weeks, one at 34 weeks and one after birth because he has a different blood group but they have changed it now and you get a double dose at 28 weeks and then the one after birth if your baby has different blood. I was also made to stay for 20 minutes after having the injections when pregnant with Oliver to make sure I didn't have a reaction but this time I was in and out without having to wait at all. 

Then Oliver caught a vomiting bug and was very poorly but only for 24 hours... then even though I used so much handgel and washed my hands all the time keeping everything clean I managed to catch it too... Not nice! I was so sick and had terrible tummy pains, hadn't felt Baby Girl kicking for ages so I called the midwife and then had to get her checked when we got to the hospital they took ages to actually find her heartbeat which was awful but they finally did and I was fine to go home then, I just wanted to make sure she was ok. 

I also had my whooping cough jab & Flu jab. The whooping cough one made my arm really sore and I was unable to sleep on it while the flu jab one made my arm a little red and a tiny bit itchy for a while. 

Then it was Christmas time and Oliver loved it! I love Christmas dinner but I think I'm running out of space and I couldn't actually finish what was on my plate, for the first time ever! Michael as usual spoilt me and we have done lots of sale shopping since Chritmas, so he's spoilt us to alot more too and you can read about it here! Oliver was really good on boxing day in the Next sale but after that he's just, and I quote 'fed up' !  

The hospital visit made me realise I need to get my hospital bag sorted and I'm very lucky to have been sent a Pre-packed hospital bag from The Miracle Box - you can read about it... click here! I know I've got 10 weeks left but those 10 weeks are going to be very busy. 

So my 30 week update isn't that exciting but my feet have experienced their first swelling in this pregnancy which happened a lot sooner when I was pregnant with Oliver! And now that there's only 10 weeks left it feels much more real to both myself and Michael.

Now I'm going to start thinking about my birth plan and what 'presents' Oliver will get from his new baby sister. 

Mary-Kate x 


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