Saturday 22 July 2017

Showers are happy again!

It's never been Isabelle's favourite thing to have her hair washed but recently it had got so much worse and showering or bathing her was a complete nightmare - to the point you dread giving your child a bubble bath because you know it will sound to the neighbours like you're doing something unthinkable because she screams so much! Actually, you're just using water to rinse the shampoo off of her little head... a few times Michael has said loudly "We're just washing your hair darling" incase anyone outside relaxing in their gardens thinks what on earth is happening.

Michael put this photo on facebook and tagged me in it, it had got to a point that when we wanted to wash Isabelle it had to be both of us, I had to hold her, cuddling her into me and that meant I had to be under the shower too!

Then one of the Dad's at the school saw the picture and offered to help, by giving us what is essentially a hat. At first I thought yeah, yeah alright as if that will make a difference but my goodness it did once I had convinced her to put it on her head!

Now showers are a happy time again....


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