Monday 17 July 2017

Isabelle has one of my toys from 20 years ago!

Children learn through playing, you'll find 100's of toys in our house and I can never resist getting the kids toys for their birthdays, we are so lucky to review some fab toys too which we just love doing. Yesterday when we collected the children from spending the afternoon with my mum, they had found some of my old toys in her shed! I couldn't believe it, one of them was my absolute favourite over 20 years ago... she still had them!

It was lovely to see the children loving the same toy that I loved so much back when I was little. I couldn't believe it was still in one piece and I found myself saying "they don't make them like they did back in the day".

We spent the morning playing with this spinning flying toy at the local cricket centre which Isabelle thought was amazing.

It's the simple things that make children so happy, you don't have to plan the most complicated day out do you?

Who else had one of these toys?


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