Monday 24 July 2017

finished year 3 already so let's get ready for September with Labels 4 Kids

The years fly by, they really do. when I was younger and people said that I almost rolled my eyes but now, I get it. I totally get it. My little boy is growing up so quickly before my eyes and whilst I couldn't be prouder of him growing of course - I'm a little sad at all the years are going by so quickly, I don't want to forget them; I almost feel as if I'll blink and they'll be gone, he'll be grown up with a job, partner - maybe kids and I'll be grey.

We have just finished year 3 at school, so I know, thinking about being the mother of a grown up is a long way off but the last almost 8 years have gone ever so quickly its a little scary. This year he had his first male teacher who he loved! When we first got told who his teacher was we were a little bit nervous because it was his first year, he hadn't completely finished his teacher training but actually he was brilliant, I have a lot of respect for that man and I hope he continues to love teaching.

I'm looking forward to a summer with my little people and watching them grow even more, Isabelle will be starting the school nursery in September and Oliver will be going into year 4. He has another male teacher which I'm sure he's going to love again - especially if he likes football, lego or star wars.

Isabelle has a very cute nursery to go to, it's got loads of toys, a bunny and some fish, it's so colourful and a plus note is that she already knows the school having taken her brother there all of her little life.

So are you thinking about back to school already? I am. In fact, I am almost ready for September! Hey, call me crazy BUT I am not going to deal with shopping with two children in a busy shopping centre when everything I want has already sold out, oh no my friend. Not happening this year. mwahahaha (that's my evil laugh btw)

This year I am, dare I say it? ...I'm organised. (& I bet you, this will be the only year so far that my children aren't in the clothing size I expect them to be in huh?... that'll be typical!)

So far I've got

Oliver (As he is going into YR4, he has most of what he needs and I just need to replace outgrown things now)
  • Two new school jumpers in 9-10 years have been ordered (I've got 1 in that size already, meaning we've got 3 in total, perfect for the whole week)
  • New PE top with the school logo has been ordered too in 9-10, if it doesn't fit him, I'll put it away until the next year as his current one still fits ok.
  • Black joggers for PE from M&S
  • Trousers from M&S
  • Socks from M&S
  • New pants - why not? Was getting the socks! From you guessed it, M&S.
  • white polo shirts from M&S
  • name labels from labels 4 kids
  • lego keyring for bookbag from labels 4 kids
  • LEGO wrapping paper for new homework book
*Still need for Oliver; new water bottle, lunch bag (if he decides to have packed lunch again, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for school dinners. They look great now, we got turkey twizzlers - this boy doesn't realise how lucky he is!). Shoes, trainers and plimsolls.


  • Jumper with school logo x 1, cardigan with school logo x 2 in age 3-4 years have been ordered.
  • PE top with school logo has been ordered too, age 3-4 years.
  • School football shorts - boys ones, I didn't like the idea of tight cycling shorts girls get instead of the comfy looking boys ones. So I went for them - why are they 'boys'? in age 2-3 years in M&S
  • M&S white poloshirts x4
  • M&S grey pinny dress x 2
  • M&S white frilly socks
  • Checked summer dress x 2
  • matching hairband x1
  • Trolls bag for PE kit
  • Labels for allergy from Labels 4 kids
  • Labels for clothes from Labels 4 kids
*Still need for Isabelle, water bottle, lunch bag, plimsolls for PE, shoes for school, black hoody for PE in case it's chilly.

I am going to take advantage of the appointment booking for Clarks so hopefully we wont have to wait too long there, I'll probably do it a week before school starts so that I've got time to order the shoes if needed but not too early in case the kids decide to have a growth spurt. They usually like to time those around when you've just got them new stuff.

You know what holds all the glue together though? Labels. They're so important, from nursery all the way to end of year 3 we have needed name labels otherwise your children's clothes will go missing. When Labels 4 Kids got in touch about their products of course I wanted to review them!

You can find out more about the company here -

I love the website, their slogan "Labels 4 kids, because kids lose stuff" is just perfect - what a clever and very true saying. Someone is going to discover one of Oliver's shoes in their child's PE kit this year - unless, I don't know, did he eat it? I honestly just don't know what happens to these items of clothing.

We were sent some stick on labels which is exactly what I want this year - simple, easy to put on but not coming off after 2 minutes! Perfect and quick. They're really good size, easy to put on and look good. The writing is easy to read which is essential for children's clothing labels. I'm not going to share the photo of them because to be honest it was impossible to take a photo of them without showing you my children's full names! But have a look at the link - we're really pleased with them.

I love these vinyl allergy labels they're so perfect for Isabelle starting nursery in September as she will be hopefully staying for lunch - something I've never let her do before so the fact I'll be able to place dairy free zone stickers on things makes me feel a lot more comfortable about the whole thing as it'll be a reminder to the adults looking after her too. Allergy parents would love these! You can get all different 'free zone' ones to suit various allergies, in different sizes too.

If you've read my blog before or followed me on social media then you'll know we are big lego fans, I knew Oliver would love a personalised lego brick keyring for his book bag in year 4. They're really cute actually and Oliver thought it was a cool key ring and it's nice to get them something unique, he always loves having something his friends will probably want too. They would make fantastic party bag gifts too but make for perfect back to school present.

They arrived so quickly I was really impressed. The website is full of different products and there's a name label solution for everyone too - perfect to order now ready to go back to school. I've already got my eyes on a few other products including right foot labels which sound a brilliant idea because Isabelle, although she always gets it right, doubts herself and it would be lovely for her to have a little guidance when she is at school too so she doesn't feel nervous.

*please note that we were sent a few items in exchange for our honest thoughts, I didn't have to blog about them unless I wanted to*

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