Thursday 20 July 2017

Beyonce twin mum photo

Beyoncé can't do anything without everyone talking so we knew that the photo she decided to share of her new twins would cause a huge reaction no matter what it looked like - she can't please everyone. Nobody can and there will always be people moaning about something, disagreeing with something and being horrible on social media.

It's sad that most people seem to be looking at Beyoncé judging her negatively instead of admiring her adorable twins, they're busy judging why she doesn't look 'normal' or showing the real life of a new mum. I mean, really? She's had a photoshoot with her newborns - did you do that? When you did that photoshoot, did you turn up in your lounge clothes or did you make an appropriate amount of effort for you?

Do we ever see Beyoncé look anything less than perfect? Ofcourse we don't and why should we? Why should a woman, especially at such an emotional time in her life, show to the world her looking like a piece of crap. Honestly? Why do we need to benefit from seeing someone else in a photo that they're not 100% happy with just to make other women feel more 'real'?...

Surely anyone with a brain can see that Beyoncé didn't just wake up looking like that, it is a photoshoot! It wasn't just a morning snap in her bed... it was something that had been planned, that she had make up artists and hair stylists for. Something that she was proud of at a time when she is a 'new mum', lots of people have stood up and said she was wrong to share a photo like that! WHAT?!

Just because she is famous and absolutely stunning, wealthy and admired does not mean she doesn't have feelings just like everyone else, so chill out. Sort yourselves out.

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