Friday 14 April 2017


It's no secret that we need contraceptives in our life - well, not 'need' but more of want. Although I guess at the same time it is a need because I have two children now, we literally could not afford to have a third child so if we ever decide that we did want one something serious would have had to have changed financially. However contraceptive wise I seem to have horrible side affects of anything with hormones in which to be blunt - sucks. I've tried the pill, injection, implant but none of them suited me so today I got the copper coil fitted - no hormones so hopefully it will suit me better. (it hurt so much more than I thought it was going to, apparently the bit that hurt me according to the nurse doing it, woman don't usually even feel it so I have this nagging feeling that I better go back to see her to find out what that could actually be - there must be a reason that it hurt me when it shouldn't do! For anyone that's gone overdue with a pregnancy and had to have a sweep done then you'll understand that pain and that  is what it felt like she was doing, it was horrible I actually could have cried and I'm actually not a wimp when it comes to pain down there having had 2 babies one of which was an emergency C-section). It lasts for 10 years (although you can get it taken out at any time should you wish to do so) I guess it's a little bit 'drastic' decision for me because I have no intention of getting it removed before then which means I'll be 38 years old and there will be no more children, my first born will be 17 years old and we'll be off on luxurious holidays obviously haha. I am happy to say that our little family is complete, I feel very very lucky to have both of my healthy children and I am so thankful I was able to have them, I'm looking forward to making lots of mummy memories with these two lovely children I have and to getting a job, to hopefully one day maybe buy our own house instead of privately rent one.



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