Thursday 27 October 2016

Allergy Blog Awards

Allergy Blog Awards.

To whoever nominated me for an Allergy Blog Award in the parent blog category I would like to say a huge thank you! I am really touched to be nominated but I haven't promoted the fact I have been nominated because I don't feel like I deserve to win it and there are so many other bloggers who I follow that really genuinely put so much effort into allergy blogging that they deserve it more so please can you vote for them!

I guess the whole allergy thing takes up so much of my life that I should really blog more about it but I get so wrapped up in every day life that sometimes its hard to find any time to blog at all. Michael says I really should because I've learnt so much about allergies over the last few years. I have decided to get a little more organised and have one allergy post per week so I will keep my fingers crossed that I am nominated next year for an Allergy Blog Award.

This year I am definitely going to vote for the following people -

Allergy Blog Of The Year
Intolerant Gourmand

Parent Allergy Blog
Life with my little duck

Free From Recipes
Le Coin De Mel

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