Tuesday 19 July 2016

Childrens sensitive skin? - I've got the brand you need to meet!

Both my children - Oliver age 6 and Isabelle age 2 have sensitive skin. (They probably get it from me... sorry about that!) and it's made getting suitable creams and bath products for their skin really difficult that's why I love Child's farm products.....
 They're safe and they make the children happy = me happy!
We were really kindly sent some more bits and bobs to try out and to add to our quickly growing favourite list of products by Child's Farm. We've fallen totally in love with the hand wash - it's got our stubborn 6 year old actually washing his hands...instead of just dipping the tips of his fingers under the water, yuck!

Oliver loves to shower himself now he's a bit bigger, I'm still in the room but we close the shower door and let him wash himself. [kinda a parenting win though isn't it because we have a shower and then a separate bath tub in the room I can get both children sorted at the same time!] He loves the child's farm hair and body wash, in his words because "I only has to use one thing and I can just wahhhhhh *weird hands thrown around* put it everywhere!". (lazy huh!) I've also noticed that he doesn't drop the bottle like he does other bottles in the shower, so it's a good shape bottle too, he is very clumsy anyway (Sorry that's from your mum again mate... it'll probably stay forever I'm always walking into things, breaking things or just dropping something... once I actually left a bath running when I was a teenager and it didn't end well. I'll say no more on that!) He loves to use the product.

Mentioning baths... Isabelle however is not so keen on showers - imagine if you will, a little girl screaming (SCREAMING!) "I don't like showers" on repeat, for the entire shower. Fun. So her favourite would have to be the bubble bath. You only have to use a little (and shake your hands in the water) to make lots and lots of glorious bubbles appear. Caution - the children will fight over who gets the end with the most bubbles if you're saving time and doing bath times together.

Both children adore the moisturiser and actually I do too (guilty of using some the other day) it leaves their skin feeling really soft, no reactions or rashes to be seen after using this product. Considering Isabelle reacts to a lot of the creams her doctor has given her on prescription before that's a massive thumbs up from us Child's farm!  

All of the products smell gorgeous but our favourite ones have to be ....

Orange and tangerine bubble bath
Organic sweet orange hair & body wash
I can officially say that this list of products by child farm have never caused any reaction, any cries of "it's in my eyes" or any issue at all... I'd buy them all again and again.

Hand wash
Hair and body wash
Bubble Bath

Oliver reacts to every sunlotion we have tried so I would love to see how he got on with childs farm's sun cream.

The packaging - in all honesty it's lovely to be able to let the children have something that looks as if it's for children! Their prescription items are always so plain and boring so having something that looks cool is a) going to make them want to use it and b) make them feel special. Everyone likes a treat don't they?

Every child deserves to have the option to have a bath full of glorious bubbles to play with. Pretend you've got a beard or to cover themselves in the bubbles, even just to blow them around... without Child farm my children wouldn't be able to enjoy their bath times as much unless it was going to be irritating their skins. The only issue is that they don't want to get out of the bath and then go into complete meltdown because their skin on their fingers and toes have gone all wrinkly.

I love how honest Child's Farm are about what is in their products.

They all smell lovely.

If your child has sensitive skin then you definitely should try these products, buy the hair and body wash first and see how you get on with that and then move onto something else. Why? Because you can test it on their hair and their body first before buying two separate products (shampoo and bubble bath) - it's expensive being a parent as we all know, so you need to save those pennies when and where you can!

Thank you Child's Farm for letting us put your products to the test! I remember when I joined twitter and first saw your products thinking they looked really posh and now *giggles* my bath room is filled with them. And don't change your ingredients - they work on the most delicate of skins now so they've already reached perfection. Don't change perfection.

A little bit from the childs farm website -

Our Happy skin promise™ is a promise from me to you that we have done our very best for your little ones, and that every bottle we sell is designed especially for them.
✓  Dermatologically tested and approved
✓  Paediatrician approved
✓  Suitable for newborns and upwards
✓  Suitable for children with sensitive and eczema prone skin
✓  98% naturally derived ingredients
✓  Made with organic essential oils
✓  Free from parabens, SLSs, mineral oils and artificial colours
✓  Never tested on animals, only on people
✓  Tested and approved by my little ones for you to use on yours

You can find Childs farm on social media too - They're a friendly bunch so make sure you say hello and ask any questions you may have...

Twitter @Childsfarm
Facebook - Childs farm!

Website is www.childsfarm.com

*please not that we were sent some items in exchange for our honest opinions on them*

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