Wednesday 27 July 2016

Bed time routine featuring Denman

Just before we moved house we were sent two hair brushes for the children, they've been using them ever since they arrived and still love them. I just have been rubbish at blogging so it's taken me a while to get around to telling anyone we have them! [sorry]... The whole house move thing was a bit of a shock and I'm rubbish at coping with change. Moving on...

It's a little embarrassing that in 6 years of having Oliver I had just used my hair brush for him when/if needed.... to be fair to me, he never really had much hair! Now he doesn't need to share mine because he has his very own super cool one which has fitted into our bedtime routine perfectly. Gone are the days he woke up with terrible bed hair because it's been beautifully brushed the night before. Both my children hate hair dryers so we rub their hair dry with a towel and then brush it through. His little sister was sent one too which was very handy because they always want what the other one has, don't they? luckily they're blue and pink so there's no fighting over he's got my one!

So when they arrived we were just on our way out but the children were so excited they wanted to take them with us and they brushed their hair for probably, the entire car journey. Which kept them entertained.
We were sent two different designs - one is blue with cars on called Vroom Vroom and one is pink with a fairy/castle which is called fairytale. Both brushes retail for £8.50 each - at first I thought this was a lot (please remember that I've never actually purchased one so had no idea on prices apart from my own hairbrush which is rubbish and I think cost me about £3....!) But having looked around at different hair brushes after and using one that Isabelle was giving as a present in a little set, to which she screamed at because it hurt her... I've realised that the price is £8.50 because it does exactly what it's name says! They're called the tangle tamer brushes and they really do work without upsetting the child = easier life = happier parent. Neither child has moaned that they hurt whilst sorting out those irritating tangles.

Oliver also had a really sore scalp when we started using this, he has special shampoo from the doctor which has now cleared it up beautifully but I was a little worried that this tangle tamer would hurt his scalp - it didn't it was absolutely fine.

I'd recommend this brush to any children probably age 1 upwards, when they really get some hair.

It's very useful for those pig tails that Isabelle now wants to have and without it, I hold my hands up and admit that she would look very silly with her hair everywhere!

I've also put their hair brushes to the test on my own hair and I love them! My hair is long and if I didn't brush it straight away it would be a little difficult to get a brush all the way through it easily. I definitely want to get a Denman brush of my own so I'll put that on my 'to get' list - do all mums have those?
Our bedtime routine has had to change a bit since we moved as now we have both children sharing a bedroom but denman brushes have fitted in perfectly and made life easier.
Thank you Denman they're very happy with their beautifully brushed hair before bedtime.

you can find denman range of brushes here -
Mary-Kate, x

*Please note that we were sent these brushes for the purpose of this review.


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