Friday 3 June 2016

Moving house with children

Well that was easy - said no one ever to move with children!

My blog suddenly went silent - I do that every now and then. It's lovely to come back to see actually I've had some page views whilst I've been silent, I don't really check the page views or tots100 or any blog ranking thing because it kinda makes me feel like I'm back at school not being popular and sometimes I'd rather not know! I would love to be one of those bloggers that can keep writing through anything that life throws at them but unfortunately I'm just not so I'm not going to pretend to be. I love writing on here and speaking to people because of it especially allergy mums meaning we can help each other with safe food ideas (I know, not very 'cool').

So the reason for our silence this time? Well, we privately rent unlike a lot of the bloggers that I follow we didn't have this amazing house that we owned, we weren't getting an extension or anything and we didn't have an amazing bathroom to post photos of to make others jealous that we were going to be having this glorious bubble bath with candles and bits... perhaps I follow these bloggers because I love their Instagram photos of gorgeous houses? instead we had a privately rented house which was mouldy! Yep... mouldy.

We have lost count of how many hours we spent cleaning mould off the ceilings in all of the bedrooms, downstairs toilet and bathroom. It was a lot! To be honest, when the landlord said he was selling the house it was a bit of a relief however finding somewhere else was going to be hard because there was nothing advertised in the area that would of fit us all in, luckily after posting a desperate plea on a local facebook page someone replied and that someone is now my next door neighbour! His neighbour was looking for a tenant and it hadn't been listed on the market yet = lucky.

The landlord gave us 2 months to leave - we gave him our 1 months notice which was a risk but luckily we found somewhere else in time! It was a rushed move.

So now, we have finally moved. To a smaller house but it's a lovely house. Isabelle and Oliver now share a bedroom which actually has gone as good as it could of done. They were incredibly unsettled to begin with but now their behaviour is slowly improving - however, Isabelle has started terrible 2s I'm sure!!!! That's something for another post. We have beautiful fire places and rooms!!! Actual doors that separate living areas instead of open plan like last time. We have a loft that is now acting as a playroom and we have the cutest bath! The shower is amazing - I love washing my hair, it's long and with the old shower would take AGES to get the shampoo out... now my excuse for taking so long to get ready is simply that I LOVE THAT SHOWER! Oliver even requests to have a shower?!
Our kitchen. I love.... the sink... the oven.... everything.

We have a garden!! It needs some work - luckily I happen to know a gardener! Hehe.

It may be smaller but it's big enough for us! I am now proud to share Instagram photos of our home.

If you're about to move with children - it's hard, they tantrum and make everything difficult but it's a huge change and they will settle down.. eventually.


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