Wednesday 6 April 2016

Trainers for fat feet

I hate to admit this but I've got fat feet. 
My feet appear to have got even wider as I've got wider too so is there any chance I could get skinnier feet when I lose weight?? No.. ok.

Well that's fine because I've found some trainers that are super comfy for wide feet! I've had some before by New Balance but decided that for starting at Inspired Personal Health and Fitness that I wanted something new something bright and that I wanted something a little cooler so off I went to try on loads of trainers...... to decide actually no, they weren't comfortable and what I really wanted over all was to be comfortable. I wanted new New Balance ones. I found some I really liked the look of online on their website and decided to have a google to see if I could find them any cheaper as the were £75!! And I did find them cheaper, on Amazon! (I love amazon) They cost me £28.99 and had amazon prime so I got them the next day.

So far I haven't found any trainers that fit wide feet as well as New Balance, these ones are so much brighter than my old pair and just seem a little cooler because of the colour! I am really pleased with them (and their price too).

Have you got any amazon bargains lately? I ordered a sports bra too - no no no, not comfy and not happening. My hunt for a new sports bra continues! So suggestions very wecome!

Mary-Kate, x

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