Tuesday 16 February 2016

27th year bucket list

Every year on my birthday I think, well what did you do with that year huh? So this year I've decided to write a bucket list here for my 27th year. My bucket list isn't about falling in love - already done that, it's not about exciting backpacking - that'll never happen but it's going to be things I think are really important to me.

I've got so much I'd like to do this year but as I'm 27 now - eeek, when did they happen? I've decided to write 27, many of which I hope to go on to write about on this blog soon.
  1. Lose weight! [this has to be my number one, it's something I really really want to do to be a healthier role model for my children. Currently I'm a UK size 14 and I know that's not huge but I'd like to be smaller by the time I'm 28 because that's when I'm getting married!]
  2. Go on a weekend away with the kids! [I'm excited that we can tick this one off next month actually as we'll be off to Butlins for a weekend packed full of fun which obviously I'll be posting about afterwards]
  3. Spend a night away with Michael! [Isabelle is two next month and we still haven't left her with Grandparents over night so I think a day & night just myself and Michael somewhere cute would be a lovely idea]
  4. Take Isabelle swimming! [It's a shameful fact that actually I've never taken Isabelle swimming something that I will 100% be changing this year]
  5. Read a book! [Michael doesn't think I've got it in me so I'd like to prove him wrong and read it from start to finish without falling asleep and it dropping on my face]
  6. New boots! [Mine are now broken :( So I desperately need new boots]
  7. Days out! [I'd like to make Sunday's our family day out so that we can go exploring various places]
  8. Get organised! [Sometimes Oliver is late for school, sometimes I'm late to get him, sometimes my house is messier than it should be, the washing up doesn't always get done before I go to bed! Something I'd like to change]
  9. Pamper me! [I hardly ever get time to do this! I would love to make a certain time each week to paint my nails and have a bath instead of a quick shower!]
  10. Get a haircut! [I haven't had my haircut since December 2014 - a very long time]
  11. Plan our wedding! [We're getting married in March 2017 so this year I really need to plan the little details]
  12. Clear out Isabelle's clothes! [I have to do this, Isabelle has so many clothes and I've kept all of them so far so I do need to have a sort out]
  13. Sort the children's toys out! [They have far too many!]
  14. Go to sealife London! [We love SeaLife and that's our closest, it would be great to take Isabelle]
  15. Go to the seaside! [Isabelle hasn't been to the seaside yet, I can't wait to watch her little face light up and her paddling her feet in the most probably cold uk sea water!]
  16. Go to Ruislip Lido! [it was somewhere that I went when I was a child and I would love to take our children there, it's a manmade beach and has a little train]
  17. Go to a new RHS garden! [We love Wisley, so it would be great to explore another one]
  18. Go birdwatching with Oliver more! [He loves birdwatching which we think is great and we should encourage it more!]
  19. New make up! [Currently I'm using no.7 which I have loved for a few years but it doesn't seem to be as good as it was before so I need to find another brand]
  20. Wear more dresses! [I want to feel a little more girly in the warmer months by wearing dresses more often]
  21. Go for more walks! [walking is the only exercise I do at the moment! I need to start taking Isabelle for more walks during the day whilst Oliver's at school]
  22. Start keeping photo abums! [it's lovely to have printed photos]
  23. Go to bed earlier! [I go to bed far too late at the moment, I know I need to change that and get some early nights]
  24. Baby book! [I need to do Isabelle's baby book... still!]
  25. Blog more often!
  26. Learn something new!
  27. Date nights! [Start having date nights with Michael]

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