Wednesday 6 January 2016

Isabelle loves jumping in muddy puddles, Everyone loves jumping in muddy puddles

I'm linking this post up to Wicked Wednesdays for the first time with @brummymummyof2

The last day of the Christmas break we decided to go for a nice walk around College Lake in Tring, Hertfordshire [which is a really lovely place by the way]. The children were both loving jumping [ok Isabelle can't jump so imagine if you will a teeny tiny hop] in the muddy puddles and gosh there were a lot of them!

Everything was going so well, we kept telling Isabelle to be careful she didn't fall over because the fuss she had made when Oliver accidentally splashed a bit on here was dramatic. Anyway after a man walking past commented on how neither of my children had fallen over.... down she went! bottom in to the muddy puddle and just sat there for a few seconds whilst her mummy [me] wondered if she should be taking a photo ahhh #MummyFail. I didn't, I picked her up first, I was nice, took the wet coat off AND THEN I took this photo!

The photo wasn't the mean bit... We made her walk all the way back to the car which is not very far, but if your legs are the size of Isabelle's - it's a long way especially when there's a at least an inch of muddy puddle water at the bottom of one wellie. oops! Honestly didn't realise there was any water in there. Isabelle Rose, if you ever read this then, Sorry for your cold foot when you were 1.

Please note, she isn't forever scarred by it because today she wanted to get straight back into a muddy puddle.



  1. Oh my god, the look on her face! Good job with the photo mum! ;) #WickedWednesdays

  2. Oh I love it!!! Look at her little face! Thanks so much for linking up in the first #wickedwednesdays of 2016! Hope to see you next week! x


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