Friday 22 January 2016

An allergies kind of rant

One comment that I read online really got to me this morning, "don't pass your food dislikes onto your children"... this was posted as a comment on an article about food allergies. Yes ok, right so I'm passing dislike for things such as chocolate(?! which is incredibly yummy?!) so strongly onto my child that actually they react with real symptoms? Idiot.

Our food bill is so much more expensive due to allergies than it would be without. I can't just buy my daughter bread in a normal shop, I also have to microwave her bread to make it edible and even then oh my goodness it's yucky.

Honestly since Isabelle was diagnosed with food allergies I've heard so many idiotic comments that they literally just make me laugh now, are people really this stupid?! Do people genuinely believe that EGGS, are diary?! Honestly, so many people say to me ah she can't have eggs then when I say she's got cmpa (cows milk protein allergy) erm yeah she could do if she didn't have her completely separate egg allergy too... alrighty then. Perhaps we should have been taught better about where our food comes from. Chickens lay eggs... Cows product milk...

The article was about a guy who ate peanuts on an aeroplane even though the cabin crew had requested that they were not eaten due to a child on board who was allergic and would have an ana shock... seriously?! You put a child's life in danger over some peanuts? That is absolutely nuts! bonkers. Crazy. Why not have a packet of crisps which I'm sure the cabin crew would of been walking around selling at some point during your flight and then everyone can live life happily. To put anyone's life in danger over something so so selfish is just unreal. Then the other part of me thinks well not everyone understands allergies are serious but he was told not to for a very very good reason.

That's the sad fact of the matter is people don't understand that allergies are so so real and so dangerous. I'm so grateful that Isabelle is non-ige and doesn't need an epi-pen but when we go to a group and there is a child there eating during the group it does really annoy me. If they're eating something she's allergic to and either dropping bits that my toddler - who I do watch like a hawk may pick up and get poorly from eating it because everything food like goes into the mouth - she doesn't know she can't have that food shes too young to understand and connect the dots that when she's poorly its because of that tasty food she ate, or they could be waving a bottle of cows milk around, my heart is in my throat... I don't want her to be in pain because another child cannot manage 40 minutes without eating something and I don't think that's too unreasonable. The other important thing is - shouldn't we be encouraging our child to participate in the group and learn to go that time without eating? (says the one that owns one rebel child who runs away during dance class?!)

Allergy parents don't get grumpy at people for no reason, we're fed up of the stupid comments, it's fine to have no idea but it's not fine to be rude. We don't want to make situations awkward but we will do if we need to.

Trust me, I long for the day I can take my daughter into a 'normal' shop and let her pick whatever sweet she fancies. I can't wait to be able to actually take her out for a meal, to a café for a cake with grandma! I can't wait to be invited to a party with her and not instantly start worrying about food for her.

"didn't have all these allergies back in my day"... no? Yeah you're right, you just had 'poorly children' and no answers as to why they had that eczema or rash on their skin, no idea why they weren't gaining weight or wondering why they were having blood in their nappies. You did have them back then actually, you just didn't know enough about them to realise what they were. We're lucky now that we are more in the know when it comes to allergies.

Google is amazing too.
Rant. Over.

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