Thursday 26 February 2015

I can't hear you because I can't see your face

Oliver is 5 years old, like alot of 5 year old's sometimes he doesn't listen and recently I've found myself telling him off for 'ignoring' me... He then had a hearing test at the doctors, which was designed for adults so we were unsure if he didn't do well or if he didn't understand what he was meant to do. So we were referred to the hospital, where he was supposed to have a child friendly test done but when we arrived, he actually had the same test done and got the same results then the consultant referred him to have yet another hearing test done but thankfully this one was child friendly so now we know for sure whats actually wrong with him. It's a relief to know he isn't just ignoring me all the time, I know sometimes he is!

But now I feel awful because we have found out that the poor little chap has glue ear in both ears and actually he can't hear me very well, whats wrost is when he gets a cold, he can hardly hear at all. So telling him off, oops! Now we are speaking loudly, he is sitting in front of his teacher, he has had a speach and language appointment and needs some help with S and Z probably due to his hearing, in April he will see his consultant again and finally go on the waiting list for grommets, we hope that won't take too long!


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