Monday 8 December 2014

Isabelle's favourite meal at 8 months old

Isabelle has cows milk protein allergy and so far she also reacts to wheat, eggs, potatoe, broccoli, mangoes and peaches so I need to be really careful with the food that I give her. I've found some safe pouches for when we are out and about but now I want to move her onto meals like the rest of the family are having, with her allergies it's not going to be easy.

Her absolute favourite homemade meal was discovered recently when we were having a chicken casserole, obviously she couldn't just have some from ours because the stock cubes contain wheat and I was using potatoes so there's two things she would of reacted to.

Instead I decided to boil her chicken with sweet potatoe and carrot. I kept the water it was boiled in and used this to make her 'free from' gravy. I have to be very careful with some free from products as alot contain potatoe. This gravy is fine though and actually having tasted it, it isn't too bad.

I popped it all into a little casserole dish and covered in foil and popped it into the oven just to see if she liked it anymore than just mashed veg with chopped chicken.

I left it in the oven for about half an hour. I then used nuk masher to mash the veg up and chopped her chicken up finely, poured the gravy over the top and she absolutely loved it. So there we go, we've found her new favourite meal.
What's your little ones favourite meal?

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