Thursday 6 November 2014

il tutto #review Lola tote - Changing bag

Hi, my names Mary-Kate, I'm a 25 year old mum of two and my addiction is baby Changing bags!  
There you go, I admit it, I just love them and they are 'my thing' so obviously to get a chance to review one by a brand called 'il tutto' is amazing and I admit I woke Michael up at 6am to tell him that I had an email about it from Lucie who seems very lovely - I was just that excited I had to tell someone. (They also do non changing bags by the way if you're reading this and don't need a baby bag anymore) It's a brand I've been looking at for some time now, my favourite was the 'frankie' bag but once I was sent a gorgeous Lola my favourite is now the Lola - it's even nicer in person than the photos and even if I didn't have baby items to put in this bag I'd still want to use it...

That's the whole point of the brand though you see, designed by Lucie because she noticed a gap in the market when her friends started to have babies and realised that there wasn't a changing bag she would want to be seen carrying. The need for a stylish changing bag that wasn't screaming 'I'm a baby bag' and she's definitely achieved her goal of this because if I was walking along with an il tutto bag, no one would realise it was a baby bag. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I love bags that look like 'baby bags' but I do see a lot and think 'ohhh I'd never carry that!'. Lucie is now a mum of 3 and she knows what mums actually need, this paired with her experience within fashion handbags have created a practical and stylish bag I've yet to meet anyone that doesn't like it.

I was sent one of their newer designs called the 'Lola tote' in black and as soon as I opened the box I fell in love with it and have used it every day since. You can get it in two other colours too - taupe and purple.

This was the first time I'd seen one in person after loads of looking online, I have heard some people say that they don't like the 'baby monster' that hangs from the bag but this can be removed... I happen to love it, I think it's very cute actually but if I was using this bag on a day out without kids (yeah right?) then I'd probably consider removing it for the day. There is two very handy pockets at the front with zip access and a large zip to open the main section of the bag. I love that you can use this bag as a tote bag or attach the shoulder strap and make it an across body bag, ideal if you're going to be carrying baby as you don't need to worry about bag slipping off your arm.

It looks as if it's made from leather but it's wipe clean leather look PU which I also think is great, I hate it when baby bags are not wipe clean because lets face it, babies are messy and new mums can be tired and clumsy - or was that just me?!

view from above the bag, lovely polka dot lining
Once you open the bag you will find a lovely black with red spot lining which you can zip out for washing!!! what a great feature is that?! so no more thinking, what is that stain I'll have to look at forever or oh my goodness these crumbs just won't come out! You can zip it out and give it a clean. It has various pockets inside, I have enough pockets to take out two handfuls of nappies, a packet of wipes and one pouch I use for baby food and her spoon which comes in a little case so it's not going to get the bag dirty anyway. I am breastfeeding Isabelle but if I wasn't I would find very useful the insultated bottle holder, maybe I could use that for her food pouch instead? It matches the bag perfectly and lots of detail have even gone into the bottle holder!

One of my favourite things is the changing mat, obviously it's waterproof which is a must for those little accidents when you've half got a nappy on - come on we've all been there right?? But what I really love is the shape of this changing mat. It has little sections that come out at the side and when I am changing Isabelle while out on a changing unit in a baby changing room I always hate her hands touching parts of the changing station so the fact this changing mat has sides, means her little hands aren't possibly touching other people's germs they are safely on the changing mat. It also matches the bag and bottle holder perfectly being black with red polka dot.

The size of the bag is great - W38cm x H25cm x D22cm. It carries everything we need on a day out as a family of 4 although I can pack it full with just stuff for me and Isabelle ofcourse. Because Isabelle is allergic to dairy and I'm still breastfeeding her, I always need to take my own lunch with me on days out so having a bag that will allow room for me to pop my lunch in is essential at the moment. I have used the bag on various day trips to London and have been able to store everything in there, lots of spare clothes, some toys, loads of food for both me and Issy (ok just testing the name Issy... not sure) Isabelle plus lots more. The bag looks really good with my bugaboo cameleon 3 which is black with a silver frame, so it matches really nicely.

If you're looking for a designer baby bag that you can keep clean for longer with the zip out lining, that looks really stylish and is still practical then you must check out Il tutto - go go go - here :) 

The cost of the Lola tote is £129 which I think compared to other designer bags and all of the features this has is a great price. Finally the bag comes with a clear plastic zip pouch which I use to pop her teething bits in, some cream, anti-bactieral hand gel, nappy sacks and a packet of tissues but you could also keep this empty and use for wet items, dirty bibs and so on when required.

Il Tutto has definitely become one of my favourite brands I've discovered since starting my blog last November and I have absolutely loved reviewing this bag. Thank you il tutto for creating such a lovely bag! What do you think of it? Do you like the baby monster or not, would love to know your thoughts?

You can find Il Tutto on facebook - here

On twitter - @iltutto

Mary-Kate, x

please note that I was gifted this bag for the purpose of this review, all of the views here are my own.


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