Friday 3 October 2014

Isabelle's room

Isabelle is now in her own room away from mummy's side. She's been in her cot for a while now but we waited until she was 6 months old before putting her in to her own room and she's sleeping so much better, I think often we woke her up! She is a very light sleeper and it's funny but now she's not next to me I actually hear her better! 
Thought I would show you around her room. It's a little mix match small room as Oliver's in the bigger one which is also mix matched and full of toys.

Firstly her cot is from Babies R Us as is the mattress. She has a pink sheet from John Lewis. We do have a bedding bale from lollipop Lane but since Isabelle started rolling I've taken the cot bumper off, just worries me a little especially because she sleeps on her front but will be using the quilt and blanket when she's bigger as it's adorable. Her changing unit was our bargain at £10 from someone local on Facebook, it's by cosatto and has been one of our most useful buys especially after a c-section, if I had to bend over after the c-section I really would of struggled.

The chest of drawers were given to us for free and they're pine, we have the rest of the range randomly around the house actually, tv unit and various cupboards. The nursing chair is by tutti bambini  it cost £145ish and Michael got me it when our health visitor made me cry when Isabelle was 2 weeks old telling me that I wasn't feeding my baby enough..  actually you were wrong she is dairy intolerant so shows how much you know! The curtains are blackout and were in argos clearance for £7.99 :)!  


I brought the bunting on ebay, it's personalised with Isabelle's name and a heart either end. It cost £15. The 3d butterflies are from next and are £6 for 6. We also have a little hanging heart from next which says born in 2014. The light shade is from my favourite next bunny range and was £14. 

That's all we have done so far but I'd love a little rug and maybe a wall sticker for the other side?
What do you think?
Mary-Kate x


  1. Our cot looks really plain too without the bumper but I feel much happier she's safe! That lampshade is gorgeous, I want it haha xx

    1. Yeah it's not worth worrying about a cot bumper. I love the light shade, Isabelle has dresses and sleepsuits with that print over :) xx

  2. Looks great :) I can't wait to get decorating my girls bedroom :)


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