Wednesday 8 October 2014

Bambino Merino - baby sleeping bag

I had an amazing sleeper with Oliver, he slept all night long from around 7 weeks old and napped loads during the day, to be honest I hardly saw the little chap! Isabelle, his little sister who is 7 months next week is his opposite and hardly ever naps during the day so I am keen to try anything to help her to sleep better because she's often exhausted.

Isabelle has been rolling over since she was 3 months so and sleeps on her front - at the start I did turn her back over onto her back and I always put her on her back to sleep but she gets herself comfortable and no matter how many times you change that, she will go back onto her front. Because she rolls I have never used blankets with her, I just don't trust them and would prefer to use a sleep bag. We have another sleep bag that she's now outgrown it was 0-6 months and it was 1 tog so unsuitable for colder weather thats what I love about this Bambino Merino sleep bag, it lasts from 2 months old until 24 months which is fantastic, no need to replace them every 6 months. 

Price wise at first I thought 'wow, for a sleeping bag that is alot of money' but that was before I read about the product and now actually the £59.95 price tag makes perfect sense because not only does the Merino wool lining feels lovely but it helps to regulate babies temperature meaning it actually helps them to sleep better, it adjusts to what they need meaning they don't have different tog ratings so one sleepbag will be suitable summer and winter! How fantastic is that? I really struggle deciding whats best, vest sleepsuit and bag? or just sleepsuit but with this bag it takes away all the 'what tog do I need to use now?' questions. 

Obviously you don't want to over heat your baby or to let them be cold so it makes sense to use this merion wool one, it allows you to know your precious baby is sleeping safely. You can buy two for £109 which would be ideal if you want one while the other is in the wash. Outer is 100% cotton and lining is 100% merino wool. You can get it in various colours, we have Petal - lovely and girly.

About washing the sleep bag, as it's wool they advise that you only use liquid wool detergent with no fabric softener. If your washing machine has a wool setting you can use that or you can hand wash it but no putting it in the tumble dryer and best to dry away from direct sunlight.They suggest hanging over the cot so it can air during the day, keeping it fresher and resulting in less washing.

When the sleeping bag arrived it was in a matching drawstring bag with a tag attached, containing lots of information.

So what do we think? We LOVE this sleeping bag, Isabelle slept so much better the first night she was in it. I always do a dream feed, to give myself a little extra sleep I think so she went to bed at 6pm and I woke her at 11pm to feed her and the next night I thought hmm should I wake her? So I didn't and she slept 10 hours which for Isabelle is amazing! Even last night although she has a cold, I had to wake her up to feed her at 5am this morning (information overload but I woke up with really sore full of milk boobs! So just couldn't wait until 7am to feed her!) so it's definitely helped Isabelle to sleep better. 

Highly recommend that if you're looking for a baby sleeping bag you take a look at Bambino Merino. 

You can also find Bambino Merino on facebook - here and on twitter @bambinomerino

Mary-Kate, x


  1. Baby sleeping bags are a recent introduction to the UK, but have been used in Europe for over 25 years. The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths (FSID), recommends their use as a safe and comfortable alternative to conventional baby bedding. They are also very useful for children with itchy skins, eczema or allergie


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