Wednesday 4 June 2014

Oh, hello teething time meet Gummee Glove!

I know Isabelle is only 11 weeks old but I've been saying for weeks now that Isabelle is teething, I think deep down I didn't really believe myself that she was but now I genuinely think she is and I don't care what anyone says... sometimes Mummy knows best and after asking on twitter and googling my original thoughts that some babies are born with teeth or get teeth very early are actually true! Scary? Oliver took months to start teething and when he did it took ages before any teeth actually come and although I know its going to take a while before Isabelle actually gets her first tooth (or is it?) but for now I'm on the hunt to find items to help her when shes oh so upset over it!

She's always dribbling alot which means no outfit is complete without a dribble bib, luckily I remembered how great these were from when Oliver was little and therefore we stocked up on them when we went to the baby show but one big problem? teething toys... See Oliver was bigger and teething at the stage where he could hold something in his mouth and although it does soothe Isabelle to have me holding a teether for her, unfortunately I can't sit there all day ignoring everything and everyone else to hold this teether in her mouth and that is where this brilliant new product comes in handy!

It's the Gummee Glove 'Anti scratch teething mittens', a brand new product for 2014 which I was kindly sent to review and I am super glad because as it turns out I've got myself a little early teether who can't keep hold of a teether herself. These are the second product from Gummee Glove and are great, they're fully machine washable - as everything with a new baby (or child for that matter) should be!

Suitable for newborn babies (although if like me your little one is 11 weeks old and teething don't let the 'scratch mitten' term put you off, yes technically only 'newborns' wear scratch mitts and Isabelle has stopped wearing them every day for some time now but these are fantastic for teething and roomy... they're done up with Velcro meaning they can be adjusted slightly and last longer, so these are anti-scratch mittens and teething relief all in one! They have little bumps of silicone which soothes babies gums so if you have a little one like mine who's always trying to eat their hand them I suggest you try these mittens which will stay on your little ones hands and provide better relief from teething pain, they're currently on offer for £6.99.

What did Isabelle actually think? Well... I don't know because unlike Oliver - who's 4 years old.. Isabelle can't actually tell me but the fact that she kept them on happily and was still eating her hand, suddenly appearing calm makes me think she approves! And with a happy quiet baby... mummy approves too!

They're safe from a reliable company and I completely trust them with my baby or I wouldn't suggest them to you. You can find out more about Gummee Glove here.

Mary-Kate, x 

please note that these were sent to Isabelle to review and shes loving them! All of the opinions are our own, we really think these are great. 


  1. Aww she looks so happy in the last photo! The Gummee Glove sounds great xx


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