Friday 28 March 2014

Isabelle Rose 11 days

Today my little girl is 11 days old. 11 days have gone quickly, I feel much better than before and she's amazing I thought I'd tell you a little bit about her. Last night she slept from 12 until 7am this morning! We have got 5 hours before but now 7 hours at her age I think is brilliant. Oliver used to wake up every 2 hours night and day but she's alot more relaxed. He did start sleeping through every night at 7-8 weeks though and I'm sure she will be similar - I hope.

We left hospital probably earlier than they would of liked, I hated it in there. I couldn't get any sleep, midwives were not the nicest, pain relief was always late, I was uncomfortable and other patients had so many visitors it was just impossible to rest there. One girl's partner didn't leave until gone 10pm one evening and visiting finished at 9pm... I wouldn't mind so much if they were quiet but they were incredibly loud and irritating - more so when you've had no sleep for so long!

This is Isabelle Rose leaving hospital, wearing a puckababy go-go to keep her lovely and warm.

Isabelle brought her big brother, Oliver some lovely presents. She got him sweets, play dough, a book, a grow your own sunflower set, some more sweets and some lego.
Oliver therefore thinks baby = great!

He's absolutely smitten with her. He reads her stories, shows her things he's doing such as eating his lunch. "does baby need to know how to have a shower?"...
Considering lately so much has changed in his little life I'm very proud of how he's taken to being a big brother for Isabelle Rose. He's recently moved house, started a new school and now a little baby in the house.

He looks very proud doesn't he? He's very happy with his little life.

Daddy is very proud too. Michael has been amazing since I had Isabelle, he's litterally done everything from getting Oliver ready for school, to cleaning and making dinner to putting Oliver to bed. Everything and I don't know how I'd of coped after having a c-section without him, he's the best daddy I could ever of dreamed of for my children.

Mummy and Daddy took Isabelle for her first walk yesterday when she was 10 days old in her brand new bugaboo cameleon 3. We love it... I'm sure if she was awake and knew what a lovely pram she had then she'd love it too! hehe. The only annoying thing about the bugaboo was the cup holder and we have already taken it off! I haven't felt up to walking anywhere since having her and have felt pretty pants, our only outings having been hospital and Michael's parents house. Also we haven't had any visitors, today she will meet her uncle James and auntie Elena and see Nanny again but other than this she's only met Nanny, Grandma and Grandad. She's meeting more family tomorrow as well as going on an easter egg hunt (..having a sleep while Oliver goes on an easter egg hunt!).
I've started a little bedtime routine with her already we were late going to bed last night and she spent around an hour on my boob.. I'm going to try get to bed alot earlier tonight and hope that she still sleeps as much. Obviously being newborn she had slept most of the evening anyway. I changed her bum and got her ready for bed, swaddled her in a Faye & Lou muslin which she absolutely loves! and read her a story while breastfeeding her, do you think I'm crazy reading to a newborn? I like it and also it keeps me awake and her awake too, she had these big eyes staring at me as I done different voices - she was probably freaked out.. Then she come off my boob and we had a little cuddle, I put her into her moses basket and she slept for 7 hours. I had to check this morning that she was ok! I think if we had slept longer and Oliver hadn't come in at 'up time' then Isabelle would have slept for longer.

Mary-Kate, x


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