Monday 31 March 2014

Bibee dress - a fantastic idea!

I've known about this fantastic dress for a long time now and I'm really sorry that I haven't got around to telling you about it sooner. I should remember because I wear it literally all of the time, infact when it comes to needing to wash it - I hate not knowing it's in my wardrobe ready to wear but with moving, Oliver's new school and ofcourse Baby Isabelle making her dramatic entrance to the world - make sure you read my birth story, I still can't believe what happened, everything got away with me and I seem to have forgotten about 1000 things.

If you're pregnant or a breastfeeding mum then you should definitely get a Bibee dress for your wardrobe. It is super comfortable and will last you from the start of your pregnancy all the way through to breastfeeding. I wore it when I was heavily pregnant and now that I am breastfeeding I am still wearing it and it's so comfortable, infact in these early days I'm not sure what I would do without comfortable clothing to wear especially after a c-section - it's very important to have loose fitting clothing that doesn't make you feel squashed into something.

It's such a clever design and it's easy to fall in love with it. You can even change the one dress to make it look different by mixing and matching different dress fronts, you can also style this dress differently for example bare legs in the summer or over a pair of skinny jeans or tights in the colder months.

So what is a Bibee dress?
Well Bibee dresses are suitable for pregnancy and breastfeeding. You buy the bits separately - dress, dress front (also known as the Bibees!) and t'shirts to go under the dress (making it even more suitable for any weather) this enables you to create your own unique Bibee if you wish. There's no limit to how many different dress fronts you could have, for example if you had different colour dress-fronts but only one dress - who would know it was the same dress? unless you told them about Bibee dresses that is!

The Bibee dress itself has a low neckline as does the t'shirt making it ideal for breastfeeding - don't worry though you won't be on show for everyone to see because the dress fronts cover up, they have buttons each side of the dress making it easy for you to discreetly breastfeed your baby in public.

It's very handy to have a spare Bibee out with you so if you're pregnant and it just gets messy you can change it or if you're breastfeeding and you leak a little bit of milk onto it you can change into a clean one without having to change your entire outfit.

What I love about the Bibee dress?
I love that during my pregnancy this dress grew with my bump, it looked great with a smaller bump and great with a bigger bump due to the style it's made in. It's a lovely alternative to the tight maternity clothes I had, which don't get me wrong I did love showing off my bump but some days you just want something nice, loose and comfortable that still shows off your bump and this dress done exactly that. I did wear this dress to have photos taken when heavily pregnant but I have only got one of them so far which is at the top of this post - when I've got some more I will post them too.

Post-baby, I love that this dress is still comfortable even when my boobs were really sore due to just getting milk in this dress was still one of my favourite things to wear. My little girl is 2 weeks old today and this dress has been a life saver when breastfeeding her and wanting to be comfortable (out of my nightie!). It helps to hide that mum-tum too!

I absolutely love that by changing the Bibee dress front that you can wear the same dress for different occasions for example, I wore my one for a family photo shoot but I've also worn it around tesco and if you were to buy a more formal Bibee dress front then you could wear it to a wedding or a special occasions without anyone knowing it was the same dress they spotted you in last week at the baby group! ;) Love it.

I've got the dress in egg-plant colourway which is a great alternative to black while still not being too in your face. Usually these dresses are £115 but I've just noticed as I was going to add the link here for you that the Eggplant knee length dress I have is now in the sale for £85 for the dress and the t'shirt, leaving you to buy the colour bibee you want - I've also noticed that some of their bibee's are in the sale too and there is some that would suit this egg plant colour way nicely.

Eggplant Bibee here! £85 in the sale...
Let me tell you the truth.... When I was pregnant I thought £115 wow thats alot but now that I've worn it alot of my pregnancy and had my baby, I'm still wearing it, I can totally understand why it's that price tag. It still looks new after lots of washes and it's so comfortable I don't think I'd cope without it now. Comfort is very important at the moment so my opinion of the price tag has changed completely so make sure you have a look for yourself by clicking here!

After having a c-section I don't know what I'd of worn without loose comfortable clothing like this Bibee dress so I'd like to say a massive thank you to Nicola Norris who is the creative director of Bibee dresses.

Mary-Kate, x
(Please note that this dress was sent to me to review and give feedback on but all of the opinions are my own. I think this dress is fantastic and worth investing in!).

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  1. I love the bibee dress! I got mine after pregnancy which was a shame because I was so fed up with the uncomfortable preggo clothes! here's the post I did on it xx


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