Thursday 12 December 2013

The Silent Narrator

Oliver had his nativity play at school and he got the part of one of the narrator's. From the start he told me he really didn't want to do it but we practiced his line every day several times to the point he would say it if I just held up the bit of paper.

He had one line: "Robin and the flock flew on together" 

The nativity was on two mornings and after attending the first - I had to attend the second. On the first day he stood up and looked incredibly nervous,  standing up on his own in front of lots of people - it made me want to get up there and cuddle him! I didn't think any words would come out of his mouth and he looked down and ever so quietly said the words and sat down as fast as he possibly could. I must admit I am incredibly shy and I wouldn't of done that at age 4 - or 24 actually! 

The second day I told Oliver I'd sit at the front so that if he just looked at me I would say the words with him at the same time and so he can pretend he's saying it just to me.

I waited nearly an hour both days to get into the hall after dropping him as there was no point in walking home I would of had to just turn around again to walk back. Finally doors open and we are allowed in.

So the time comes and Oliver gets handed the microphone, he stands up but he doesn't even make eye contact with this crazy mummy who's sat there actually saying out loud his lines! He looked around at everyone else in front of him as they sat in silence waiting for him to speak however he looked like he was going to cry and just looked around at everyone with a puzzled face, then finally the teacher said the line for him and the look of relief on Oliver's face.

As soon as the nativity was over he come over and sat on my lap for the biggest of cuddles!

I know I need to find ways to make him more confident, having been really shy myself I can still remember that horrible feeling and I hate the thought of him having that.

So has anyone got any suggestions of how I can help him to be more confident? And has your little one had a similar experience with their nativity?  
Mary-Kate, x 

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