Friday 27 December 2013

Sale Shopping... (so far!)

Christmas done... Time to shop the sales

I love sale shopping and this year because I'm 30 week's pregnant, Michael had to come too! Which also 
meant going to the sales with a 4 year old - it's my mums birthday on boxing day and it wouldn't of been nice to ask her to look after him. We expected a nightmare child - we were actually wrong, he probably handled the queuing better than we did.  

Oliver woke up just after 6:30am (Although on Christmas day he woke up at 6:55am which was unexpected) and I got us ready straight away, then made Michael breakfast in bed - I thought this would help with the sale shopping ahead. We left home at 7:30am... 

Firstly we went to Boots - there was obviously a massive line to get into Next and I couldn't bare to stand in it so we decided to go elsewhere first. (usually I'm one of the ones at the start of the line for the Next sale but this year I didn't think I'd even go being 30 weeks pregnant). We didn't see a thing we liked in Boots - we were looking for a Transformer Rescue Bots toy: Optimus Prime, as I Santa couldn't find it anywhere before Christmas but it was the main thing Oliver asked for again and again. I noticed that boots had them before so I wanted to just double check if they had any but they didn't. 

We went over the road to Marks & Spencers, we found the kids section and picked up some clothes for Oliver. Being a 4 year old boy, obviously he loves Batman, Spiderman & Jake and the neverland pirates! 

Then we went into Sainsburys and we went straight to the baby girl clothes section where we found a half price sale section and some really cute little bits which Michael picked! He loves it when I listen to his choices and don't shake my head. 

Then we noticed the home-ware sale:

  • hand towels x 2 
  • bath sheets x 2 
  • tumbler for toothbrushes 
  • knife set 
  • set of 4 mugs 
  • 12 piece dinner plate set 

Then while me and Oliver were looking at the toys this little lovely was sat all alone on the shelf, staring at us...

HOW LUCKY? I was more excited than Oliver and we both rushed to show Michael that we had found Optimus Prime!!!! Oliver told the lady at the checkout "We have been looking for this toy. Santa got me 2 rescue bots and now I've got 3". 

Then we noticed Next had no queue so we went there, it was packed inside and Michael soon left with Oliver to sit in the car. I grabbed about 4 things and got into the line to pay, I called Michael and asked if he would come back so that I wasn't stood there alone and also while he was in the line I could pop off and get more and I did! He said make it worth lining up for this long by getting more, so I did... These are just a few of what we brought - we walked out with 2 massive bags full of clothing. 

There wasn't much left in Oliver's size but we did get some nightwear and a hat/scarf/gloves set. 

Break time: we went to Michael's parents house for a bit of lunch and a drink and to look at what we had brought. 

Asda was next on our list, I had a look at the baby clothes and fell in love with this dress for £5 

Also got some bits for Oliver there too including:

  • Mike the knight wellies 
  • JCB joggers
  • Mickey mouse jeans 
  • 2 pack of pjs 
And we brought a steamer for £25 - 

Oliver then searched the toy section for more rescue bots with Michael while I went to pay. 

Then we had 2 stops left for the day - Mothercare & Currys. Mothercare because I wanted to see if they had any maternity/nursing nightwear in the sale... they didn't but then I noticed they had the pink superbaby sleepsuit Oliver wanted to get his baby sister for half price at £5 so I picked that up, returning to the car I expected a grumpy little boy & a grumpy man! Instead I was greeted by a smile - Michael and I turned to see a little Oliver fast asleep! Eeek.. Next shop was only over the road so we had to wake him up which he was not impressed about. 

bibs are from NEXT.

Currys: In currys we got a hoover, kettle and toaster.  

Dyson - £199 

Kettle - £24

Toaster - £24

Michael was also looking at a TV, originally we had seen one online in the sale for £279 which was 42" but then the man started talking him into one which was exactly the same BUT it was 'smart'. 

So we didn't get a TV.

Then finally we went home. 

Today we're going to go out later to John Lewis and maybe some more... 

Mary-Kate, x 

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