Tuesday 10 December 2013


I have this little boy called Oliver...

Yes we've been reading a Charlie & Lola book! 

Look what Oliver brought home from school today

I think maybe I was more excited than him but I didn't expect to be getting anymore books given to him so it was lovely. We are big book fans. 

We love Charlie and Lola books, instead of the writing being in a straight line like most books its always a bit more creative! Which keeps mummy concentrating on reading... I've never been a big reader but I do think it's really important for Oliver to get a love for books from an early age.
"But excuse me that is my book" is a funny book about choosing what to read and Oliver loved it.

The second book is a Phonics book... "Tom's Mad Mop", gone are the days of the alphabet I learnt at school and the one that I was teaching Oliver before I found out that they actually learn phonics now at school. (A heads up on that would of been nice - maybe I'll do a blog about it) 

It's amazing how Oliver's remembering the rhymes, for example; Maisie Mountain Mountain = M. 

"This Booktime book pack is a gift from Booktrust and Pearson."  - Thank you!

*Booktime is brought to you by Booktrust, the independent charity empowering people through reading and writing, and Pearson, the world's leading learning company.* 

Has your little one got any Charlie and Lola books? Oliver doesn't watch the TV show but he loves the stories. 

Mary-Kate, x 


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