Wednesday 18 December 2013

#BabyShowerBlog Puckababy - Giveaway -

As part of my #BabyShowerBlog I'm delighted to be able to introduce you to one of my favorite award winning baby brands - Puckababy and to offer you a chance to win one of their products! 

A little bit about Puckababy; 'The Original' Puckababy was created in the Netherlands by Sandra Bottram-de Louwere in 2007 and it wasn't long until there was a demand for more in the range. Products wishing to create peaceful nights, good rhythm and quality of life to all newborns to tiny toddlers and their parents. The puckababy  original and mini are ideal for parents who want to swaddle their babies and get it correct, it's easy to use, not too tight or warm and it still works so the products help to obtain peaceful sleeping which is extremely important for healthy development.

Sandra developed 2 sizes of the unique sleeping bag; The Original Piep suitable for age 0-3 months (£34.99) and The Original Mini suitable for age 3-6 months (£44.99) where they feel protected and it's similar to the feeling of their mummy's tummy, a safe cacoon and limits the movement of baby at the same time as enough space for healthy development. It's simple to use so that everyone can do it correctly.

After using the Puckababy for the first 6 months many parents felt the need for a product for the next stage of baby's life therefore Sandra crated the 4 Seasons sleeping bag available 7 months - 2.5 years. 

Puckababy also created the lovely GoGo which you can view here!

A little big about what we think; I am already a big Puckababy fan and little lady isn't due until March! We, well actually Michael discovered them at The Baby Show and they quickly became our favorites. We love the idea of swaddling and their were lots of different companies there offering swaddles but in our opinion none were as good. The Original makes it impossible to swaddle incorrectly, something I was worried about as it could be easily done wrong causing your little one to be uncomfortable and obviously missing the whole idea of swaddling. Puckababy also allow baby to still have room to move while still feeling snug. I remember when Oliver was a baby he wanted me near him all of the time to the point I rolled blankets up and put them either side of him in his moses basket - tricking him that I was still there.. but I didn't want to leave blankets next to him over night so to me being able to put a product on them overnight that you know is safe is really essential for a good night sleep. Oliver says that the GoGo is Snuggle-Tastic! 

As a family we agree this would make an ideal Baby Shower or New Baby gift - everyone loves the gift of a peaceful nights sleep!

We have gorgeous Puckababy Items including The Original Piep, The GoGo & the cover which are all happily living in a Puckababy case. I will be reviewing these separately when little one comes along to use them but we have already looked at the hundreds of times and are taking the GoGo to hospital to bring her home in. 

Puckababy The Original...
• Good for restless sleeping behaviours
• For a healthy rhythm in sleeping and feeding
• Flailing arms and involuntary reflex movements
• The need for more security
• Unable or not willing to sleep alone
• To avoid tight swaddling 
• To cut back on tight swaddling
• Not too rigid
• Not too warm
• Easy to cut back on its usage
• 100% cotton
• Very easy and safe
• Fine quality
• Winner of the Baby Innovation Award
• Recommended by many baby-experts

So I'm delighted to offer you the chance to win one The Original Piep or The Original Mini, there will be one winner of this giveaway and the winner can choose the size (The Original Piep is 0-3 months and The Original Mini is 3-6 months) and choose the color they would like and I will pass the details on for the item to be sent directly to the winner from Puckababy.

Colors available -
• Baby Blue
• Baby Rose
• Ecru Star
• Grey Dot
• White Silver
• White Star

The original Piep - you could win this!

PIEP: 0-3 months
MINI: 3-6 months 

Mary-Kate, x 



  1. I love the original piep and it would give me such piece of mind knowing my little one was snug and safe. Great giveaway, fingers crossed :) xx

    1. It is lovely, we have one ready to take to the hospital so she gets used to being in it :) x

  2. I have yet to try any puckababy but the original piep looks amazing :) x

    1. it is lovely, the GoGo is super soft too! Can't wait to use them x


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