Thursday 12 December 2013

#BabyShowerBlog Faye and Lou

If you're pregnant and have been looking at a new baby checklist then you will have seen 'muslins' on it. Muslins are so popular because they are very handy and can be used for various things such as swaddling, blanket or sheet, burp cloth, sleep shade, changing mat or towel!

When I had Oliver I brought a packet of ordinary muslin squares from a local supermarket while food shopping and they were so handy. At the time I thought they were a little small and I didn't realize you could get any elsewhere.

We went to the Baby Show in London in October and I'd been looking at the list of exhibitors before we went and made a list of who I wanted to visit. Faye and Lou were on that list and I was following them on twitter so I was very annoyed at myself when I had forgot to visit their stand (I also forgot the tickets to get into the show - yeah. Baby Brain!) not sure how I missed them because their colors are so bright and lovely they really stand out!

A little bit about Faye and Lou - "Faye & Lou Ltd was founded by Faye Norton and Lucinda de Watteville in 2008. The Faye and Lou team comprises experienced mothers and expert nannies dedicated to making a mothers life easier."

I genuinely think their products look fabulous, they really stand out so you can guess how excited I was when a box of Faye and Lou Cozio swaddling muslin's were delivered to me for review. VERY EXCITED! 

Cozios are ideal for swaddling a baby who is fussy, tired or over-stimulated and can help baby to sleep for longer by creating a safe, snug feeling like that of being in the womb.

I've definitely been shown muslin squares by Faye and Lou are well made quality items which are going to last and be so useful with a baby. They are such a good size too, these ones are extra large which are 90cm x 90cm and are much better than small ones in my opinion - although I can see how a few small ones as well may be useful.

These would make an ideal gift for someone who's expecting or for a new baby. This packet retail at £27.95 and are available in a Girl colour pack or a Boy colour pack. This one is the girl colour pack. I will be reviewing these again after my bump tea party to let you all know what the other ladies think of them too but I adore them! & I think every new mum deserves a packet of these. I'll also review after use with a baby & tell you what I honestly think.

Thank you Faye and Lou :) 

*Please note, these were sent to me for the purpose of this review but all of the opinions are my own.*

Mary-Kate x 

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