Thursday 14 November 2013

Hello this is us...

Hello, I thought my very first blog on here should be telling you who we are!

I'm Mary-Kate and I'm 24 years old, I love my family and my boyfriend Michael is actually my best friend! 

Michael & Me on a boat in London ! 

I wanted this blog to fill with my memories about being Oliver's and 'Baby Girl' mummy and also a place to review items that I love and would recommend to other people because I know from when I was a first time mum with Oliver you don't know what to buy, you end up buying more than you actually need and you don't have things that afterwards you think wow that would of been really helpful. I actually had 7 pushchairs with Oliver.. It's safe to say I'm only allowed the one this time and I know what I want. As well as remembering my mummy memories I want this blog to show I'm not just a mum, I'm girly and I like pretty things.

This is Oliver, he came into this world in August 2009 which means hes now 
a whole 4 years big! Time flies. He makes me smile every day and he makes me the proudest mummy. "I love you ALL day mummy" 

And Baby Girl is due in March 2014, we can't wait to have her. 


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