Saturday 30 November 2013

Champney's Blissful Bump Range

Champney's Blissful Bump
Maternity skincare for pregnancy and beyond

At the launch of Mummy & Little retreats I got some lovely Champney's products which I love and if you're pregnant and haven't yet tried them I'd recommend them.

I used to use bio oil but I hated the feel of it on my tummy so I'd rarely put it on and I did get lots of stretch marks.. I'd of got them anyway, I just have that sort of skin unfortunately but these products are really helping this time and they leave my skin feeling really soft! 

There's a blissful bump ginger inspired room spray - this would of been so helpful when I had morning sickness so bad that I was actually eating crystallized ginger - yuk! (It did stop me feeling/being sick though so it worked)

Then there is a shower gel which I brought another one of because I loved it so much, it retails for £6 so I guess I should slow down using it. hehe.

Blissful bump stretch mark oil - now this I love! It's in a spray bottle so no more oil going everywhere.. It smells nice and actually leaves you belly feeling nice, to make it even nicer I brought the Blissful Bump Body Butter to use after the stretch mark oil as a lady told me if I put the body butter on top of the oil it will be absorbed better (and it feels really soft). 

I think the range is reasonable priced;
  1. Blissful bump Ginger inspired room spray - £10 
  2. Blissful bump shower gel - £6
  3. Blissful bump stretch mark oil - £10
  4. Blissful bump body butter - £10 

They sell the range in Boots and you can get a 'Champney's Ultimate Collection Gift Set' for £25 which includes all of the above so saves you £11. 

Also I actually love the smell of them and considering using the Body Butter afterwards too as I think it's a fair size for £10.
Have you tried Champney's blissful bump range?.. What you do you think of it? 

Mary-Kate x 


  1. I've never tried them but they do sound and look lovely!! x

    1. I love them.. Think I will keep using after too! :) x


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