Monday 21 November 2016

Guide To getting Free Beauty Products Online

Guide To getting Free Beauty Products Online

As we are currently planning our wedding I am keen to try new beauty products for free before paying a lot of money for them - I want to know it's something I like and will get my moneys worth! Anyway I think everyone enjoys getting free stuff and people love finding new beauty products that they can use for free. It's a rush and it's exciting to fill out a form in order to receive your free stuff.
I just love free beauty products and I know that I'm not the only one. It doesn't matter if you're looking for freebies or if you just want to gain more experience shopping around for beauty products, when you click onto that website - you have arrived at the right place! Before I give you some tips on finding freebies online, I wanted to let you know why freebies exist because you might be sceptical on why companies give free stuff out...
1. Why Do freebies exist
Companies offer potential consumers the chance to use their products for free. The catch is they have to provide feedback to the companies. So, what does this exactly mean? It means that these companies don't have to pay a third-party to research their products but you get the item for free = win, win in my opinion.
More and more companies are using popular social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook. As a result, companies can connect directly to their consumers and take in their concerns and feedback much easier. If you feel guilty about getting free stuff from companies, then don't because they benefit from giving away freebies as much as you do! They want your opinions to help them.
2. How To Get Free Beauty Products
So, how do you get freebies? There are so many ways to do it. However, the best way is to join FreeStuff Baby.
Just make sure you visit the website because this is how you will learn about different freebies. The best way to keep in the know is to subscribe to their newsletter. After you do this, you'll receive a number of freebies right to your email! Make sure to look for latest competitions that they host because you'll probably be interested in them and you never know - you may win! You've got to enter it to be in with a chance.
3. Social Media
One of the best ways to generate buzz around a new product is via social media, which is why companies have a Facebook page, Twitter profile and presences on other sites. Many brands create a free sample page on their social media profiles, which means all you have to do is provide them with information about yourself. After you do this, you will receive your freebies.
Facebook isn't the only place to find freebies, as Twitter and Instagram are other good places. Look for popular hashtags because some brands use hashtags to get the word out about their products. Not only that, but some brands reward people for re-tweeting them or re-gram. Some companies may notice you doing this and offer you the chance to review their products, which means you can use them for free.
4. The Local Beauty Counter
Beauty counters are great places to go and get freebies. Many counters encourage consumers to try free samples. Best of all, you won't feel pressured into making a purchase, but you don't want to be shy when asking to sample products - if you don't ask, you don't get! The worst they can say is that they don't have any.
Popular brands like Mac and Clinique often have small tubes and pots of products. These products may last for as long as two weeks. If you can find such products, then you can use them while you're on the go because they are travel size.
Lush and stores like it are known for distributing samples, and they may place the samples in single bags for you. These are good for gifts or if you plan on creating your own concoction of beauty products. If you don't mind taking a bit of risk, then go ahead and do it and see what freebies you are manage to get.
5. Join A Beauty Panel
Beauty panels can be found everywhere, so join a few, but you should check out Savvy Circle and Beauty on Trial first. These sites work with various brands and they reach out to people who are looking for freebies. All of these types of sites work differently, which means some may offer you the chance to take part in a trial for specific products. while others may have different requirements you have to meet before you can try products.
Brands enjoy getting feedback and sometimes they will link to beauty panel sites via their main website, so always check out your favourite beauty brands' websites. Once you become part of a panel, you could end up receiving beauty products. You'll have to provide feedback or you may have to write a short review or participate in a brief survey.
6. Create A Blog
Create a beauty blog and review various beauty products. Eventually people will read your stuff or watch it, if you start a YouTube channel, and then you'll build authority. Eventually you may be approached by brands, or you can approach them about using their beauty products in your blog or videos. A good way to start is by reviewing a few of your own bits so they can see what you can offer in a review of theirs.
7. Magazines
On Free Baby Stuff website, they have a magazine freebies page that I highly recommend you looking at. The page is all about magazine freebies. Magazines need to do what they can to get readers, which is why they offer gifts and beauty products for free. The next time you head down to your supermarket or newsagent, make sure to look at the magazine. I was so shocked to find my favourite £11 per nail polish in a £2 magazine! (it was worth buying 4 so I had one of each colour!)
Some of the most recent offerings have included popular products such as Nail's INC nail polish and Benefit mascara. Make sure to flip through the pages of the magazines you get because it's quite common to come across free stuff. You may also find discount codes you can use, as well as coupons that allow you to get free stuff. There are coupons for everything these days, including discounts off haircuts, hair products, make-up products and pretty much anything else you can think of.  
Hopefully you've found this post useful. I would love to know if you have any tips or advice to share? I'd love to hear them :)
Mary-Kate x
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