Saturday 15 November 2014

Latch Munchkin Bottle Review

                              Munchkin Latch Bottles

Shopping for bottles is something most new mums do, even though I knew I wanted to breastfeed I still wanted to have bottles incase things didn't go to plan or if I wanted to express. I'm glad I had things ready although I didn't have the 'best' things ready, I still had something! What I would suggest to any new mum is to do your research before you buy anything, having a new baby is expensive without adding the extra cost of replacing bottles a few months in when you change your mind about them. Research everything is what I've learnt!

I'm still mostly breastfeeding Isabelle, who turned 8 months old today but since around 3 months when we found out she had cows milk protein allergy we have been giving her a bottle of neocate lcp before bed. Before this I was expressing milk occasionally so using a bottle then too but I found they really gave Isabelle alot of wind, with one of her symtoms of allergy being wind - more wind was not something she needed! So we were delighted to be sent some of these new Latch bottles from Munchkin, out of the three types of bottles I've used with Isabelle, these are definitely our favourites! I'm going to tell you why I think they're so great.
 The bottles are designed to mimic breastfeeding, the shape is great and easy to hold, while the teat is more like breastfeeding, it seems more 'natural' and it can stretch, allowing your baby to move it to get comfortable with the teat. Isabelle seems to pull my nipple to where she wants to so it makes sense to be able to do that with a bottle too? She grabs it then latches herself on and I've noticed she does that with these bottles too. This bottle is also designed so the teat acts just like a nipple, the baby can control the flow of milk through the nipple by applying pressure to the base of it, these bottles allow baby to mimic this when baby pushes against the teats base making these bottles ideal for combined bottle/breastfeeding?

The blue Anti-Colic valve at the bottom of the bottle ensures no air bubbles get into the milk, The clever teat also means less colic because the teat moves with baby when she moves her head, she maintains her latch and less air can get in! = Fab.

You can get teats in 3 different sizes, 1, 2 and 3 meaning the flow can increase as your baby grows just like your breasts would do naturally.

I literally LOVE these bottles and I've noticed a massive decrease in Isabelle's wind after a bottle feed, I'd say 99% less wind and usually no wind what so ever. Actually love these bottles so much that when I went to The Baby Show and noticed that there was one in the prima baby goody bag I had to buy one of the bags just for the bottle! I told everyone else that I saw there that they were amazing. They're easy to take apart to clean, to clean and to put back together.

It's little things like these bottles that make such a difference to our lives, it makes life easier and happier! They fit nicely into the steriliser I already had.

The bottles come in two different sizes; 120ml and 240ml. For a pack of two 240ml bottles it's £12.99, you can find all the information here!

What I don't like about these bottles? I have found the teats for these bottles harder to clean than a normal teat but to have a happy baby - it's worth it.

Finally I'll admit these bottles have made all the others I had take early retirement.

You can find these bottles here -

Mary-Kate, x
please note that I was sent these for the purpose of this review but all opinions are my own.



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